Born in 1964 in Tarnow. Director and theater manager. Since August 1994 he has managed the Modjeska Theatre in Legnica. The most important performances directed by him include: PASSION by Mieczyslaw Abramowicz (1995), staged in Legnica historic St. Mary's Church, and then played in churches throughout the country, THE MAN WITH WHITE EYES by Leopold Tyrmand (1996), staged in the former German munitions factory, DON QUIXOTE CURED by Krzysztof Kopka (1997), based on the novel of Cervantes, CORIOLANUS (adapted together with Krzysztof Kopka) by William Shakespeare (1998), and staged in former Prussian and Soviet military barracks, THE BALLAD OF ZAKACZAWIE by himself, Krzysztof Kopka and Maciej Kowalewski (2000), set in a disused cinema “Kolejarz”, HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK (adapted together with K. Kopka) by W. Shakespeare (2001) staged in a ruined theater hall, CITIZEN M – A HISTORY (2002) by M. Kowalewski, inspired by the biography of the former Prime Minister Leszek Miller, RISINGS AND FALLINGS OF THE TOWN (2003) and SAUL (2004) by Robert Urbanski, OTHELLO by W. Shakespeare (2006) and LEMKO (2007) by R. Urbanski, staged in a former Scene Variétés in Zakaczawie. He also staged twice the acclaimed KILLING OF GOMULKA (2007 at The Lubuski Theatre in Zielona Gora and 2013 at The Modjeska Theatre in Legnica) by Jerzy Pilch, and a play of Iwona Kusiak SCENT OF SPEEDWAY at The Osterwa Theatre in Gorzow (2009). In 2010 at The Studio Theatre in Warsaw he showed THE DUCHESS D'AMALFI by John Webster, in 2011 in Legnica THE ORCHESTRA by K. Kopka, and two performances at two Łódź theatres: MARCH POLONIA by J. Pilch at The Powszechny Theatre and KOKOLOBOLO by R. Urbanski at The New Theatre, both in 2012. In 2013 - EMPEROR OF AMERICA by R. Urbanski staged at The Polski Theatre in Bielsko-Biala, in 2014 - Shakespeare's THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR in Gorzow Wielkopolski, MAN ON THE BRIDGE by R. Urbanski in Legnica, and MY BOSNIA by Katarzyna Knychalska at the Stary Theatre in Boleslawiec. In 2015 he directed a performance TSAR THE IMPOSTOR, OR POLISH IN MOSCOW FESTIVITIES based on a play by A. Nowaczyński with dramturgy of R.Urbański. The newest creation of Jacek głomb is a play STILON - BEST OF ALL WORLDS by Katarzyna Knychalska made in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

Jacek Glomb has been awarded many times for his directing and social activities. He received, among others: for THE MAN WITH WHITE EYES – the Award of the 3rd National Competition for Staging Polish Contemporary Drama in 1997; for CORIOLANUS - The Theatrum Gedanense Foundation Award for the Best Shakespearean performance in Poland in 1998/99. THE BALLAD OF ZAKACZAWIE won the 7th National Competition for Staging Polish Contemporary Drama, and for its staging the monthly magazine “Teatr”honouredhim with the most prestigious award in Poland for directing: Konrad Swinarski Award, in 2002. OTHELLO earned him the Best Director trophy on the X International Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk (2006), KILLING OF GOMULKA – the Director's Award of the 9th National Competition for Staging Polish Contemporary Drama, the Director's Award  for THE ORCHESTRA at the Festival of Contemporary Drama “Presented Reality” in Zabrze (2012). In 2013, he was also the winner of the European Citizens’ Prize, awarded by the European Parliament. In 2015 TSAR THE IMPOSTOR, OR POLISH IN MOSCOW FESTIVITIES directed by Jacek Głomb recieved a second award on A Contest for Staging The Polish Classical Drama “Klasyka Żywa” being simultaneously Stanisław Hebanowski’s Special Award for the most interesting repertoire discovery.


Four of the Głomb’s performances - PASSION, THE BALLAD OF ZAKACZAWIE, RISINGS AND FALLINGS OF THE TOWN and THE ORCHESTRA - were transferred to television, for which he also produced a musical show POLISH FLOWERS (2005). 

In 2007 and 2009 Głomb organized in Legnica the Theatre Festival "The City", considered to be the most interesting cultural event of the year in Lower Silesia. In 2008 he was the artistic director of the 11th National Comedy Festival “Talia” in Tarnów. He also entered the jury of many other theater festivals.

In 2008, he made his feature movie debut OPERATION DANUBE, which world premiere was at the festival in Karlovy Vary in July 2009. The movie visited festivals in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Portugal, USA, Turkey, India, Iceland and Lithuania. 

Beside the realm of artistic initiatives Głomb is also a social activist, involved in the activation and support of local communities. Thus he has established the Foundation “Naprawiacze Świata” (World Restorators).